PVE Rules

-Base Limit/Location rules-

•No building inside the wyvern pit, no blocking artifact/loot caves, no intentionally blocking resources (IE: spamming foundations on metal spawns). It is fine if your base blocks resources so long as it is for the purpose of building your base, not just to troll. Abandoned buildings will auto decay. -Raiding Rules- •When raiding, you are allowed to cage/handcuff players, but no longer than one hour or until raid is over. Whichever comes first.


-Base Limit/Location rules-

• No building inside the wyvern pit

• No building on spawn locations.

• No building in / around obelisks or resource rich areas

• No building in / around caves, ruins or bridges

-Chat rules-

•Swearing and shit talking is all well and good. But racism, sexism or toxic chat activity and spamming is frowned upon and will result in a warning. Repeated offenses will result in kicks and possible bans. (Toxic chat activity means spamming slurs or obscenities or anything an admins deems as such.) Please make sure to remember rule number 1 when being talked to by an admin.


• No killing others tames or damaging others base’s.

• No dinos on wander outside of your base.

• Don’t leave items in beaver dams, otherwise they don’t re-spawn.

• Clean up any taming pens or traps once finished with.

• No advertising or trolling.

Any tribe found doing any of these things will get a warning, 2nd offense will result in a tribe dino wipe, third offense will result in a ban.