Wipe June 23rd at 12 (noon) EST!

We are pleased to announce that season 2 will be starting this coming Saturday, which means that The Thunderdome Ark cluster will be wiped on June 23rd at 12 (noon) EST! We know that this decision may not be the most popular with some of our players. If you’ve joined with the expectation of a non-wipe server, we apologize for the disappointment and hope you will continue to play on our cluster.

When this all began we spoke of potentially having a wipe every 3-4 months based on numerous factors such as player population. If the cluster goes on too long without a fresh start we risk the chance of having a dead cluster. Between this and implementations that the staff wish to apply to the cluster; now has been determined to be the perfect time.

Why do we wipe in the first place? On unofficial servers, wipes are healthy for the server and it’s player base. This isn’t an official server with a constant stream of new players and players not caring if/when they get wiped. The general trend for unofficial servers is an increase in population the first few weeks, but then starts to drop as people get raided or become bored.
Due to this trend we feel being proactive and making this decision is the best for the cluster’s community and player base. It allows new opportunities for old and new players of TDA and allows all players a fresh start.
As everyone is aware, November 6th is the release date for ARK: Extinction and Thunderdome Ark has every intention of including this expansion upon it’s release. We do plan for a wipe upon this addition, but the release is over four months away.

The staff of Thunderdome Ark appreciate all of our players and are astounded by how far we have come and the community that has developed from it.

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